Chair Person's Message

It's a pleasure to be a part of the growth story of Tripura. Our Tripura is going to be a premier destination for the potential investors. We are highly thankful to the Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MOFPI), Government Of India, Tripura Industrial Development Corporation Limited and Department of Industries & Commerce, Government of Tripura for their necessary assistance.


Tripura is one of the seven states in the north eastern part of India located between 22 degree and 56 minutes and 24 degree and 32 minutes north latitude and between 90 degree and 09...

Welcome to Sikaria Mega Food Park

In India agricultural sectors have achieved remarkable successes over the last three and a half decades. Besides being one of the world's largest producers of food-grains, India ranks second in the world in the production of fruits and vegetables, and first in milk production providing much needed food security to the nation.

 The accomplishments of the green and white revolutions have, however, not been matched by concurrent developments in supply chain management, and in new technologies for better processing, preservation, and storage of food. Pockets of shortages and near starvation, substantial wastages due to spoilage, quality deficiencies, and inadequate returns to the farmer are still very much in evidence.

Increased urbanization, improved standards of living, and the convenience needs of dual income families point to major market potentialities in the food processing and marketing sectors. In the current globalized milieu, our surplus food production, as well as the increasing preference for Indian foods (in several regions of the world) need to be leveraged to achieve economic and strategic objectives.

Having visited the state of Tripura, we have seen that the state is bestowed with enormous horticultural and agricultural produce which can be effectively utilized for the processing of much needed processed food. Furthermore, the pace of socio-economic progress and overall climate of industrial security in the state has given us the encouragement to be involved in the state of Tripura.

The Sikaria Mega Food Park (P) Ltd is the first designated centre of excellence for food technology in the state of Tripura, is a venture of Sikaria Group and the State Government of Tripura assisted by the Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MOFPI), Government of India. It is well placed at the heart of a vibrant food producing state with numerous high quality suppliers based nearby thus reducing food miles for production. The Mega Food Park incorporating Incubator Food Production Units is fully serviced for all major food processing activities, is uncluttered and has full access roads in place.

The Mega Food Park Project is expected to facilitate the achievement of the vision 2015 of Ministry of Food Processing Industries to raise the processing of perishables in the country from the existing 6% to 20% value addition from 20% to 35% and the share in global food trade from 1.5% to 3% by the year 2015.

Our main objective is to provide adequate / excellent infrastructural facilities for food processing along with the value chain from the farm to market. It will include creation of infrastructure near the farm, transportation, logistics and centralized processing centers.

The main feature of the scheme is a cluster based approach. The scheme will be demand-driven; pre-marketed and would facilitate food processing units to meet the environment, safety and social standards.

Sikaria Mega Food Park (P) Ltd aims to facilitate strong food processing industries backed by an efficient supply-chain, which would include Collection Centres (CCs), 5 (five) Primary Processing Centers (PPCs) and cold chain infrastructure Central Processing Centre (CPC). The food processing units would be located at Central Processing Centre (CPC) with need based common infrastructure required for processing, packaging, environment protection system, quality control labs, trade facilitation centre, etc.

The management expects that the project will have around 30 to 35 food processing units with the collective investment of about INR 250.00 Crores that would eventually lead to annual turnover of about INR 450.00 – 500.00 Crores and creation of direct & indirect employment to the extent of about 30,000.


Central Processing Centre (CPC)
  • Spread over an area of about 50 acres.
Core Processing Facilities
  • Sorting, Grading and Packing lines for primary processing of raw materials, Dry Warehouses, Hi-tech Cold Storage, Fruit Pulping Line, Food Testing laboratory, Mobile Collection Vans and Material Handling Equipments, Ripening Chambers etc.
Standard Design Factories
  • Plug & Play sheds for for Micro & Small Enterprises.
Strong Backward linkage
  • Regular supply of raw material to food processing units in Mega Food Park and assurance of market for the produce of farmers with good market rates.
Catchment Area
  • Presence of support services like Banking, Insurance, Post Office, Market Information Centre, Recreational Facilities etc .